Puzzle Personages: whodunnit?

puzzlers three

David Rosenbloom, guitar Electric Chorus & Orchestra, Outlanders, Glenn Branca
David Hofstra, bass Microscopic Septet, Metropolitan Klezmer, William Parker's Little Huey Creative Orchestra
Stephen Moses, drums Stuffy Shmitt, Middle Finger, Mari Lowery, Drumbone

original puzzler

John Mernit, drums

occassional puzzlers

Left of the Hudson: Kevin Norton, drums, Green Meadow Music Fest et al...
When the Shoe Drops Mark Hagan, bass
When the Dij Intones Paul Feuer, dijirido
Over There: Bobby Previte, drums, Katbox tour of Europe,'84
Way Back When: Bobby Radcliffe, guitar escaped with his flatted fifth before permanent damage was done